How do advisors benefit?



Offload Work – You are spending hours per year running investment reports and implementing fund changes. LeafHouse can alleviate that burden.


Low Cost – Even though LeafHouse is assuming the investment liability, our cost is typically the lowest in the entire plan. It starts at 1/20 th of one percent (5 bps). That is low.


Works With Any Plan Provider – No matter who the plan provider is, we can work with them. Fidelity, VOYA, Nationwide, Empower, Hancock, Newport… The list goes on and on. When we say anyone, we mean anyone. We’re not here to move your plan or create extra work. We are here to be FLEXIBLE and save you time.


Reduce Liability and Solve the DOL Fiduciary Issue – The government changed the rules regarding retirement plans. If you are deemed a Fiduciary, you may not be able to solicit rollovers from your plans without filing special exemptions. Let LeafHouse solve this issue by allowing you to continue to offer services without being considered a Fiduciary. Even if you want to be a Fiduciary, LeafHouse can help implement a system of tracking and compliance for you!

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