How do employers benefit?



Significant liability reduction – Using Section 3(38) of the Employee Retirement Income Securities Act (ERISA), LeafHouse acts as the designated investment manager of the plan, exempting you of nearly all investment liability.


Low cost – Even though LeafHouse is assuming the investment liability, our cost is typically the lowest in the entire plan. It starts at 1/20 th of one percent. That is low.


Fund mapping – One of the biggest fiduciary decisions for a plan is the decision to move an employee from one investment to another. LeafHouse simply does that for you.


Works with any plan provider – No matter who your retirement plan provider is, we can work with them. Fidelity, VOYA, Nationwide, Empower, Hancock, Newport… The list goes on and on. When we say anyone, we mean anyone.


Works with any advisor – LeafHouse encourages all employers to have a local retirement plan advisor. If your plan has an advisor, we are more than happy to work with him or her.

3 Quick Steps
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