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Working together will form the Dream Team that will promote success.

LeafHouse is a consistent and client-centered ERISA fiduciary that seeks to avoid and mitigate conflicts of interest. We add a layer of protection to meet retirement plan’s needs.

Plan Sponsors

LeafHouse is a unique investment manager that specializes in providing fiduciary services at a plan level. Our objective is to deliver quality investment services to defined contribution (DC) and Defined Benefit (DB) retirement plans that incorporate fiduciary management principles and Employee Retirement Income and Securities Act (ERISA) best practices for participant-directed retirement plan sponsors. 

Our program encompasses a comprehensive and systematic process that enables LeafHouse to document and prudently select, evaluate, and monitor funds using generally accepted investment principles and modern portfolio theories widely accepted in the academic world. The fund evaluation and monitoring methodology provides a consistent and documented process to fulfill fiduciary obligations. This process was designed to enable LeafHouse to make investment decisions solely in the best interests of plan participants and their beneficiaries.

LeafHouse delivers quality investment services and provides the highest degree of fiduciary protection against legal challenges, regulatory uncertainty, and market volatility. We provide fee transparency and avoid or mitigate conflicts of interest.

Financial Advisors

We work with advisors across the U.S. to help them better serve their plans as demand increases to take on fiduciary risk. We believe LeafHouse is ideal for non-specialist retirement advisors and advisors that focus exclusively on retirement plans. By outsourcing fiduciary responsibilities, advisors reduce their liability and are able to focus on relationship management, plan effectiveness, and new business cultivation.

Our flexibility empowers advisors to design their practice and service offerings to suit their needs.

LeafHouse does not compete with advisors for retirement plan business, we become an extension of the team.

Recordkeepers & Third-Party Administrators (TPAs)

LeafHouse helps support existing client needs and close new business for plan sponsor relationships. 

As a Flexible Fiduciary™, LeafHouse can customize the investment choices offered to the plan. We can incorporate a preferred fund family into a plan lineup, and upon request, we can offer managed models for participant use. LeafHouse will always act in the best interests of the plan’s participants.  

We have a dedicated service desks to assist with new onboardings, fund changes, investment reporting with performance updates, and asset mapping management.

Investment Firms

LeafHouse partners with asset managers to provide industry knowledge and comprehensive investment solutions.

We are open to using all fund families if they are appropriate for participants and pass the LeafHouse GPA scoring criteria. We tailor lineups to complement fund family’s areas of strength.


LeafHouse is a resource for Broker Dealers that do not have a designated fiduciary. We provide alternative options for them to offer their advisors.